Gold coin vs Gold bars, which is the best for you?

Planning to invest in gold after reading our very first blog post on “should you be investing in gold or jewellery in 2021”. Now that you have decided to invest in gold and there’s a new question which arises is which is the best form, should you be investing in gold coins, bars or jewellery. This particular post is to solve that query and clear your confusion so that you can pick the best investment form for yourself. Buying jewellery has a different purpose attached to it as it is not done for only investment or saving purpose. If you have purpose other than investing or saving than you can go for jewellery. Here we are going to discuss about gold coins and gold bars specifically so for those who are solely interested in buying gold for investment or saving purpose should go through the full article.

gold bars vs gold coins

Two pure forms are coins and bars

People buy in these pure forms with a purpose of probably using it in future or simply selling it at higher prices in future to make profit out of it. Coins or bars which is the best pick depends on a variety of factors and there is no perfect option out of these, both has some pros and cons which are mentioned below and after going through those pros and cons you will be able to make clear decisions on which is the best possible option for you. Before we get to the pros and cons of both the form, you must have seen the new trend of acquiring digital gold for which there are so many trusted platforms available in the market today like paytm is one of the big names. All you have to do to acquire digital gold is visit thee platform or portal and select the quantity or amount you want to invest in gold and then simply create your account so that you can store it there and then just pay through various options available like UPI, Net banking, etc.We will cover this topic in depth in our next post so make sure to stay tuned.

Advantages of investing in gold bars

Those who have a certain amount or a good amount of funds to put in to gold investments prefer gold bars like large level investors prefers investing in gold bars rather than acquiring small coins. as the name differentiates with the coin, people who are willing to invest above a certain amount can go with bars as they can get better prices for the bars in comparison of coins or other forms.

Consider these before buying gold bars

There is a requirement of handling charges while reselling and if you are just planning to resell it as it is then it has a limited amount of requirement because not everybody can buy gold bars. It involves safe storage costs as well which we have discussed in our previous post.

Advantages of investing in Gold Coins

coins are of course cheaper than the gold bars. Gold coins are available in multiple weights from which buyer can choose according to their budget. Buyers can get from 0.5 gram to 100 grams of gold coin accordingly. Coins are comparatively more liquid than bars because of less quantity and prices. Easier to sell because of high demand increases its liquidity. Owning coins does not involve any such handling charges or storage charges.

Before acquiring gold coins

There are no such cons in buying gold coin, if you are someone who wants to invest above a certain amount in gold then only you should go for bars otherwise simply investing in gold coins is a perfect option for average Indian household.

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